Terms of Use

Remember, we have limited control about what being bought, sold, or traded here. Please exercise common sense as you would in any marketplace. We are not to be held responsible for any effect caused from using this service.


You agree not to sell any items illegal under the Singapore law and/or in your country of residence. Including, but not limited to, animals, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, pornography, adult materials, and food.

We reserve the right to remove and/or modify any contents (i.e. listing, comments, or feedback) we deemed inappropriate or were posted against our website rules.

Please do not create duplicate accounts. Offenders account would be suspended.

Spree/Preorder Organizers

Since preorders are typically handling lots of users and their money, to protect Agnes & Maurice Marketplace users, preorders organizer are required to register with us with some personal information by emailing us at

hello at chapelic dot com with information:

All registered organizers would get a "Spree Organizer" label under their listing page.

All information would be kept confidential, but would be handed to authorities (ie. police) to help with their investigation if there's a need to.

Any preorders organizers not willing/not registered with us would have their preorders listing hidden away.

We reserve the right to modify this terms of use without any prior notice.

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