Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I buy from Agnes & Maurice Marketplace?

As we are a marketplace and don't directly sell the items, you may contact the lister directly.

Here's how:

  • Register for a free account if you have not.
  • Click on the listing to go to the listing details.
  • While logged in, leave a comment under the listing.
  • Done! The listing owner would be notified and get back to you shortly.

2. Reset password link / User activation sent through email doesn't work.

The reset password links are only valid once and over a maximum period for 3 days.

You might have:

  • Clicked on it more than once
  • Clicked on it after 3 days or more


  1. You can go to this Forget Password link.
  2. Enter your email you used to register, then click Submit.
  3. A new activation link and further instruction would be sent to your email.

3. My listing only appears under Flea Market category.

Your listing quality is deemed too low.

You might have:

  • Uploaded pictures which are blurry
  • Uploaded pictures which are on a hanger
  • Uploaded pictures which are on the floor/bed/inappropriate background


  1. Reupload another higher quality picture and contact us (hello at chapelic dot com) with your listing URL.

4. Someone left a comment on my listing but not his/her contacts.

Don't worry, simply leave a comment on the same listing. Everyone participating in that listing would be notified.

5. How do I delete my listing after it's sold out / no longer available / need cleaning up?

Edit your listing, from the listing option, mark it as being sold! Future buyers would appreciate that, and current buyers wouldn't be surprised on the item disappearance.

Or if your listing has been posted for more than 7 days, you can delete it manually through the listing edit page.

6. Why I can only delete delete listing 10 minutes after I posted or 7 days after that?

10 minutes is a grace period in case you made a mistake of uploading wrong listings.

We think 7 days is a sufficient time for lots of people to see your listing and to do clean up if you'd like to. However, please give us feedback if you want it changed for any reason.

7. How do I make my listing more visible?

Try our highlight feature! Read more about it here.

8. How do bump my listing to the top?

Upgrade your account as Agnes & Maurice Premium Member, and you can FREELY bump your listing to the top!

9. I had a good / bad experience with a seller, how do I share my experience?

Leave them a feedback! Click on their username, then click on the "view recent feedbacks" to leave yours. You'll be able to leave one comment per day.

10. What is a "Spree Organizer"? How do I become one?

A registered Spree Organizer means this user has given various personal details to us (as per spree/preorder rules) and can start organizing spree/perorders on our marketplace!

11. What is "my favorite sellers" section? How do I use it?

With thousands of listings in our marketplace, it could be a challenge to keep track of the sellers you truly love.
Using "My Favorite Sellers", you can keep track all of your favorite sellers listings within one page.

Here are the simple steps to start using it:

  • Click on any of listing details or user's listing page.
  • Click on the blue Follow button under the user details.
  • Visit the "favorite sellers" from your Username dropdown > My Favorite Sellers" or bookmark this link:
  • The "favorite sellers" page would only list items from those sellers you marked as your favorite.
Remember: This feature is only available when you're logged in.

12. I don't wish to receive email notification when there's a new message in my inbox.

Not problem. Simply log in, go to "My Profile" page, and uncheck the "Email me when I received a new message."

13. How does the weekly new listings limit being calculated for Free Members?

It's being calculated based on: How many new listings as been uploaded over the past 7 days.

It doesn't get reset on any particular day.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, a user posted a total of 15 listings.
When that same user try to post on the following Monday, the system would detect that over the past 7 days, user has been posted 15 new listings in total.

14. Why the search results don't show the listing I've just posted?

Due to the amount of new listings everyday, your listing would only appear as one of the search results one hour later.

15. What are some tips as buyers and sellers in handling transactions?

To prevent abuse, you're advised NOT to put email, contact number, or any private details in your listings or comments.

Always do your due diligence before committing to any transaction. Ask lots of details.

  • Have you asked about the condition of the item in details? (Does it come with a tag, has it been previously worn or washed?)
  • Have you made sure the size you're buying fits you? (UK and US measurement differs, even your local 'M' and overseas 'M' could differs as well)

Generally speaking, the safest form of transaction is when done in person. Make sure to double check the item during payment (Is the color and size right?).

While the general population are honest people, some are not. Sometimes it pays to be paranoid (What if after money/package has been sent, I didn't get anything in return?).

As Agnes & Maurice Marketplace transactions are between its users, we can't be much help if something went wrong.

Let us all buy, sell, and trade with common sense and make our marketplace a thriving place for everyone. :)

16. Why I can't post new listing or comment after I registered?

All new users are required to wait for a few days before before posting new listings or comments. This is to prevent abusive users which registers lots of accounts, or performing bannable offence and keep re-registering their accounts.

Premium Members Frequently Asked Questions

Be an Agnes & Maurice Premium Member, and take your shop to the next level with extra features.

1. How do I customize my listings page (uploads banners, custom shop name and description, etc)?

Listing page customization is set via your listing page.

Follow these simple steps:
  • Log in if you have not already.
  • Go to your listing page.
  • Click on the blue "Edit Your Listing Page" button at the top of your listing page.
  • Start customizing your listings page and then save.

2. How do I upload my custom profile picture?

Custom Profile Picture is set via your setting page.

Follow these simple steps:
  • Log in if you have not already.
  • From the top of the page, select your username and go to My Settings.
  • Upload your profile picture and then save.

3. How do I bump my listing to the top?

Listing bump is done via your listing Edit page.

Follow these simple steps:
  • Log in if you have not already.
  • Go to any of your listing, and click on the "Edit this listing"
  • Scroll down all the way, and click on the "Save & Bump Up" button

4. Where do I see my Premium Membership expiry date?

You can see it via "My Settings" page

Got any questions not answered here? Contact us at: hello at chapelic dot com

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